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I cookie sono stringhe di testo di piccole dimensioni che i siti visitati dall’utente inviano al suo terminale (solitamente al browser), dove vengono memorizzati per essere poi ritrasmessi agli stessi siti alla successiva visita del medesimo utente. As you navigate a website, yourbrowser may receive cookies sent by other, somehow connected websites or web servers (so-called „third-party“ cookies), since some of the elements which appear on the site you are currently visiting – pictures, maps, sounds – may actually reside on other sites; besides, there may be links to pages located in other domains.

Cookie are usually present in users’ browsers in large numbers and may sometimes have a very long expiration time; they serve a number of different purposes, such as user authentication, session monitoring, storing information on specific configurations pertaining to the users allowed to access the server, and so on.

Cookies can thus be assigned to two main classes: „technical“ cookies and “profiling” cookies.

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are those for which user consent is not required. Such cookies are vital to make proper navigation possible and to enable the user to exploit all its features; they are therefore absolutely necessary. Without them some services or functions normally provided by the site would not be available and navigating the site would become clumsy and complicated. Moreover, when one makes one’s choice as to his consent to cookies, information on that choice is actually stored in a technical cookie.

So-called performance cookies, sometimes termed „analytics cookies“, also belong to this class. These cookies gather information concerning the way visitors use our site and enables us to improve it. For example, performance cookies show us which pages have been visited most often; they make it possible for us to identify recurring visiting patterns, if any; they help us understand when and where users finds its difficult to use the site; also, they enable us to assess the effectiveness of the ads placed in the site.

Technical cookies are essential and cannot be disabled by using the features of this website. Generally speaking, cookies can be entirely disabled at any moment through the browser in use.

The following first-party cookies are used in this web site.

Cookie Tipologia Durata Descrizione
cb_enabled Technical cookie 1 month Used to remember whether the use of cookies has been accepted.
iclcurrehnt _language Technical (feature) cookie 1 month Used to remember the user’s preferred language
_gat Technical (analytical) cookie 10 minutes Used to gather data needed to carry out statistical examinations on the way visitorsa use this site.

Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies are meant to profile users so that advertising can be served to the on the basis of their preferences as shown by their behaviour when online. Since these cookies can substantially affect a user’s privacy, European and Italian regulations mandate that the user be adequately informed about them and the use they are used beforehand and then state his consent.

Article 122 of the relevant Italian regulations („codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali”) specifically applies to these cookies, stating that information can be stored onto a user’s or contracting partner’s device only if they have given their consent after having been informed as per the simplified procedure envisaged in article 13, subsection 3. The same applies to any access to previously saved information concerning said user or contracting partner′′ (article 122, subsection 1 ).

Third-party cookies

This site might also use third-party cookies, e.g. cookies managed by web sites or web servers owned by other companies. For example, this may happen when elements within our website – such as pictures, maps, sound file – are actually hosted on web pages which are not hosted on our servers. Similarly, our pages may include links to such „external“ web pages – involving third/party domains and servers. In this case the aforesaid cookies are managed directly by the third-party wesbite or web server, not by us. Third-party cookies are also used to make advertising fit the visitor’s own interest as surveyed as well as message exposure rates.

This information may be shared with other parties, like advertisers, and they might use their own cookies to gather data on the behaviour of visitors on their web sites. Advertisers might then use this information to assess the effectiveness of their advertising, for example. In order to use those cookies they need to obtain the users’ freely given informed consent first. Such cookies are not directly controlled by our web site.

To withdraw your consent please visit the relevant third-party web sites or the following addresses:

The following third-party cookies are used in this web site.

Cookie Third party Type Expiration Description
_ga Google Analytics Technical (analytical) cookie 2 years Enables us to analyze the way visitors use the site, so that we can improve both its contents and the services it offers. Navigation data – such as which pages have been visited by the user, his (masked) IP and whence he came – are stored in this cookie as well.

Further information can be found at the following web addresses: policies/technologies/types/ answer/6004245?hl=it&ref_topic=2919631

Cookies can be disabled using the opt-out add-on you can find here: dlpage/gaoptout?hl=it

slimstat _tracking_code WordPress Tecnhical (analytical) cookie 30 minutes This cookies enables us to analyze the way visitors use our site and gather data concerning the user’s (masked) IP, provenance, browser name, device type and screen resolution, number of accesses, etc. in order to enable us to improve site performance.

How to disable cookies by changing your browser settings

Cookie preferences can also be managed directly from your browser application settings. You can accept all cookies or refuse them all, but you may also instruct the browser to show you a message asking your permission before accepting cookies from the web site you are visiting. The specific procedure to manage the sue of cookies depend upon the kind of browser you are using. Each browser has a quick guide function which explains how to adjust the relevant settings as you like. Please remember that changing cookie settings from within the browser will only affect that browser (and only on that computer); if you intend those settings to be valid on all browsers and on all other devices you shall have to repeat the procedure on each of them, and separately for each browser. Also don’t forget that if you disable some cookies we may not be able to offer profile-related services.

The following web addresses provide information on how to disable the use of cookies or delete any already stored cookies, depending on the browser being used:

Internet Explorer:
Google Chrome:
Mozilla Firefox:
Apple Safari:

Further information on cookies

Further information on cookies is provided by the (Italian) website for the Authority on the protection of sensitiva data („Garante per la Protezione dei dati Personali“):

This web site cannot be held responsible for the content of third-party sites as they might or might not set cookies of their own.

We reserve the right to make modifications to this privacy policy at ay time in the future– for instance in connection with the possible adoption of new regulations affecting this area, as a consequence of the introduction of new or updated services, or because they are required by technological advances–so you should check this link every now and then.

Continuing to browse this web site shall imply that you fully understood this document and agree to the use of cookies on our part.